Western Alliance for Voter Education (W.A.V.E.)

Our activists are educating voters in the western suburbs on the issues that affect us all:


Illinois must fully and fairly fund public education and establish tuition-free higher education at public universities   

Medicare for All

Universal health care is a human right. We must establish "Medicare for All" (single-payer health care) the U.S. and Illinois and invest fully in our public health care systems.

Living Wage Union Jobs

Invest in infrastructure in Illinois, expanding in our regional and statewide public transit system and services, and manufacturing the parts and equipment in Illinois

Immigrant Rights

Protect workers' rights and stop exploitation by winning just immigration reform that provides legal status for all, and make all of our communities safe and welcoming. 

Workers' Rights

We believe in public and private sector workers' right to organize,  bargain collectively for living wages and exercise union rights on the job.

Climate Action

Create a 100% clean energy economy and living wage, clean energy jobs, a new efficient energy grid, limit carbon production and pollution, and protect our water.



“Illinois Jobs with Justice” is a working group of the Jobs with Justice coalitions in Illinois, their partner organizations and activists. All of the Jobs with Justice coalitions in Illinois are operating as non-partisan, non-profit, 501c3 organizations. We do not work or coordinate with political parties, candidates or their committees and we do not endorse or oppose candidates. The Jobs with Justice "Western Alliance for Voter Education (W.A.V.E.)" is committed to informing voters  where the candidates stand on issues we care about.